Running Social Worker
Day 1

Is off to a good start. Ran three miles this morning and had scrambled eggs/egg whites with avocado for breakfast. I also put some unsweetened almond milk in my coffee, which is controversial in the paleo world but I see it is an okay thing. If you would like to see what I eat during this thirty day challenge, follow me on myfitnesspal, username: rebjeans. Have a good morning everyone!

To rebeccaruns, lizz2love, and arestlessmind…I am excited to start this challenge with you. Let me know how you are all doing and share recipes!

  1. thehealthytexan said: I’ll probably do a post later this week with all my favorite paleo recipes that I’ve found so far!!!
  2. seeamandarun said: Adding you on MFP!
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